Carnivoro Meat Blends – When will they be back?

Nov 29th, 2016
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Why Can’t We Get Our Favourite Carnivoro Blends at the Moment?

Carnivoro has built a brand new processing plant. They have done this so they can keep an eye on all aspects of the meat processing, which for you and I means better quality.

Over the last year we have experienced some difference in quality and the blame for this can be put squarly on the processing plant Carnivoro was using, which I might add is MPI licenced.

Carnivoros new, expensive machinery has come from overseas and should be assembled by now.  There will be a few more ‘tweeks’ to be done and then we should expect some great new blends.

We are really looking forward to this new era of top quality raw dog & cat food.  The only way for Carnivoro now, is up!

Monty & the gang ♥

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