Forntightly Mega Sale – Bag of Treats – 450g

Nov 8th, 2019
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Fornightly Mega Sale – Bag of Treats – 450g

Normally $31.50 NOW $18.00 (While stocks last)
At The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company Shop
Or Online


We only have a limited supply of these bags of treats so get in early and grab yours today!

A festive feast for your furry little friends.
Bag Of Treats
Contents:  Air Dried Lamb Feasters, Venison & Green Lipped Mussel Toppers & Lamb Tweets (lamb lung).

Lamb Feasters:

  • Great for training
  • As a stand-alone full meal
  • Supplement your dog’s standard food by adding to your dogs meal

Ingredients: Lamb (Meat, Lung, Heart, Liver), Pea Protein, Oils (Evening Primrose Oil, Flax Seed Oil) & vitamin mix.


Venison & Green Lipped Mussel Toppers (with Green Tripe)

Are the perfect way to add some excitement to your dogs standard meal or to give a luxurious treat on the go.

Ingredients: Venison (Meat, Green Tripe, Liver), Pea Protein, Green Lipped Mussel, Venison (Heart, Lung), Flaxseed, Oils (Evening Primrose, Flaxseed, Salmon) & vitamin mix.


Lamb Tweets (Lamb Lung)

A perfect training treat or topper for your dog’s normal meal.

Dogs go crazy for the unique taste and aroma of New Zealand Lamb Lung.  This delectable treat will quickly become one of your dog’s favorites.




All the products in this bag of treats are made with:

– Free range, grass fed, NZ lamb and Venison
– No antibiotics, glutens, grain or added hormones
– Gently air-dried to protect the natural nutrients
– Convenient to store, handle, serve and enjoy
– Only uses the best, carefully selected ingredients
– All meat is sustainably sourced and traceable to New Zealand farmers

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