Fortnightly Mega Sale – 25% off Smoked Venison Hooves

Aug 1st, 2019
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Fortnightly Mega Sale – 25% off  Smoked Venison Hooves

From Sunday 18th August to 1st September

On the website

Or In store


Smoked Venison Hooves

These naturally smoked chews are from New Zealand’s very own deer and are very popular with small to medium dogs.

Your pooch will nibble at it for ages! Monty our Shih Tzu normally takes a couple of hours to eat one.

Whilst your dog is chewing, their teeth are getting a really good clean. So not only are they good for the teeth, they are a boredom buster as well!

There are No preservative or additives in these chews, they are just dehydrated.

Venison is a non allergenic protein source which is great for dogs with beef or chicken allergies.

Purchase them in amounts of 1, 5 or 10, you wont be sorry you did!



A bit of trivia for you…

Anatomy of Canine Teeth

Image result for canine teeth diagram

Dogs have multiple types of teeth. A dog will have incisors, canines, premolars and molars, each with a different purpose.


Dogs have 6 incisors on both the upper and lower jaw. These teeth are used for nibbling, nipping, biting and for grooming themselves and other dogs.


There are a total of 4 canines in a dog’s mouth; 2 on the upper jaw and 2 on the lower jaw. Canines are mainly used for tearing and shredding flesh and occasionally for defense.


Behind the canines are the premolars. Dogs have 4 premolars lining each side of both the upper and lower jaw, totaling 16 premolars in the mouth. Premolars are used for shredding and chewing.


An adult dog will have 2 molars on each side on the upper jaw and 3 molars on each side of the lower jaw. Molars are used for crushing things such as bone.

In short, a dog’s teeth serve as weapons and as tools for cutting or tearing food.

This offer was brought to you by Mike, Bev & Monty 

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