Great Changes To Our Website Coming Soon!

Oct 10th, 2016
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Great Changes To Our Website Coming Soon!

The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company’s team wish to thank you for your support this year in purchasing our natural meat blend range, NZ natural treats, chews & biscuits.

Did you know that we are the only company in NZ that provides The Prey Model Diet in all their blends?  

There are a number of changes that will occur over the next few months and we believe these changes will be beneficial to all our customers.

In a week or so you will notice that there will be a few changes on the website.  We will be selling and sending our meat blends in three different sized Poly boxes.  Small, Medium & Large.  A small will take 3 of our meat blends. A medium will take 6 of our meat blends. A large will take 11 meat blends.  For those of you who like your bone in pieces we will have options for you to have both meat and bone in pieces.  If you need a bigger quantity we can strap two large Poly boxes together (20 meat blends packs, which is just under the 25Kg threshold for the courier).

This also means that we can now deliver our frozen meat blends nationwide, so if you know of anyone out of the area that would love our meat blends, then let them know it will be happening shortly.

We have tried to make it as simple as possible for you on the website.

  • You first choose what size box you want.  ie. how many meat blends you want.
  • Then choose which blends you want in your box. This will take form of a drop down box
  • You then proceed to check out as normal, only you will not have to put in a delivery charge as this will be included in the main price.

We will be using Post Haste as our courier company and they will deliver your order straight to your door. The benefit to you is that that you can get a delivery any day from Monday to Friday.  If you need a delivery on Saturday a fee applies.

After we have got that underway, we will then be offering a subscription service on the website that will offer a discount for those that sign up for it.  This will take the hassle out of remembering to order and your order will just turn up when you need it.

Our new free-flow blends will also not be far away as well.  We hope to have all the new blends available for you around Christmas. There will be some exciting new recipes for you to try.

We will also be adding to our large range of dehydrated products of treats, chews & biscuits shortly. There are some exciting new products on their way.

On a sad note, our supplier has notified us that there is to be a price increase on the meat blends as the price of meat has gone up dramatically over the last two years and he can no longer absorb the cost.  This will unfortunately mean that we will have to increase our prices a little as well.

We would appreciate any feedback or queries that you may have.

On a Eco friendly note.  As you will soon be getting your meat in Poly boxes, would those of you who live in the Wellington region  like us to collect them once a month?

And for any of you that have not visited our new shop at 4b Ruapehu Street, Paraparaumu, it is well worth a visit.

Kind Regards,

Bev, Mike & Monty ♥




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