New Blends For The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company

Jul 22nd, 2016
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New Blends for The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company

Not only have we changed the style of packaging, we have changed the blends to be free-flow nugget form and we have added three more blends that will be sold under The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company’s name..

Why did we change the packaging and add more blends?

  • Packaging Is now recyclable and resealable (and less of it) = no more mess!
  • Meat blends are now in “nugget” shape = Easy to portion out.
  • More blends without “Chicken”.
  • More variety for our customers.

We added more blends because some of our customers asked us for more blends without chicken.  Even though we use whole Free Range Chicken, some dogs are finding they have an allergic reaction to it.

What are our new meat blends…

  • Venison & Lamb
  • Rabbit & Lamb
  • Possum & Duck

There will also be more exciting new blends arriving, but more on them when they arrive……

Our philosophy

At The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company we want to provide you with the tools to give your pets the right nutrition for their needs and make it easy for you to do that.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to give us feedback, please either ring us on 027 364 7346 or email us on [email protected] – we would love to hear from you.

Kind Regards

Beverley, Mike & Monty

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