GREAT NEWS! Our 3 new meat blends have arrived ready for customer testing and NOW we have 3 more for you to try….. 

Now we also have three more blends for you to try, however, we cannot tell you what is in these blends. What we can say is that the meats used in the new blends are high in protein and low in fat and are full of Omegas. The only thing I will tell you is that there is tripe in two of the blends, NO Chicken and NO beef. If you would like your cat or dog to do a blind test please email us at

Update: The feedback on the packaging and ‘nugget’ shaped meat blends has been great so far.  Those that have tried it say the packaging is much easier to use and the ‘nuggets’ are great and hold their shape well. The blends are still be based on The Prey Model Diet of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone.


Customers feedback:
I’ve been trailing the #7 an its a huge hit with both Teddy Bear (Mr Fussy) and Elmo Bear, I love the way I can take it out frozen when I wake up and within 3/4 hour its thawed enough for them to gobble without having to thaw it overnight, and its heaps easier to store in my little freezer!!  Well Done! 🙂 The product looks so much fresher than the boxed product and no gagging smell like a % of the boxed can be sometimes – excluding the tripe.
I’m definitely sold on the new product range!
A big thank you to all our great customers who gave us awesome feedback.


This is what you asked for…..
  1. Easy to use packaging….Tick
  2. Comes in resealable 1Kg bags…..Tick
  3. Less packaging……Tick
  4. More blends without chicken…..Tick
  5. Meat blends are free-flow….Tick
  6. Be able to have a scoop so that portion sizes are equal every time (not in trial packs)….Tick
  7. Easier to store in the freezer….Tick
  8. A 3Kg option for your bigger dogs….Under development
  9. A dehydrated version of our meat blends for travelling……Under development
Our three new blends are: Rabbit & Duck, Venison & Lamb and Possum & Duck (so popular we have made it our own).
We now need you to trial these blends and give us your feedback once again. We only ask you to please give us feedback on each of the blends you trial. A small survey will be given to you to fill out as you go.
For giving us your help we will reduce the cost of the 1kg packs to $8.
If you would like to trial our new blends and packaging please either email us on or fill in the form on the website with all your details and we will get back to you.