Saving Hope Foundation

Apr 30th, 2019
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Saving Hope Foundation

What is the Saving Hope Foundation?

The Saving Hope Foundation rescue litters who are in urgent need, providing foster care and finding homes.

Saving Hope Foundation is a non profit organisation that campaign for the end of ineffective breed specific legislation and for all shelter to have transparency, accountability and be required to meet a minimum and humane treatment standard, nationwide.

They also run desexing and responsible ownership campaigns.

I was made aware of Saving Hope Foundation through a good friend of mine, Kim. They had been given another litter of malnourished puppies and it was called the E litter, which means all the names had to begin with E.  Kim thought it would be nice if one of the pups was called Emma after my daughter who passed away in 2017, aged 22.

Here is Emma
Since then I have liked their page and have been following their progress.  What I have been totally shocked about is that they are totally inundated with puppies that people have abused and abandoned. These puppies come to Saving Hope Foundation malnourished and covered in fleas and quite often hurt.
In less than a month they have gone from litter E to Litter H. And that does not include the single puppies coming in all the time as well.
Yesterday they had 35 pups/ dogs which included a pregnant mama and two mamas with their litters arrive by the Pet Bus from The Bay of Islands.
I would urge you to like and follow their page and donate if you can as they need money for vet bills, food, medicine.
They desperately need donations to help cover food and vet bills for the dogs and puppies in their care. You can donate through their Givealittle page – – or go and support them at their charity fundraising events.

If you have time and love to spare, have you considered fostering? Their superstar Saving Hope Foundation foster team care for dogs in need while they wait for their forever homes. This is a rewarding role and can fit around your lifestyle. They can only save as many dogs as they have fosters for, so if you can welcome a dog or puppy into your home on a temporary basis they would love to hear from you.

If you’re considering adoption, they have dogs and puppies waiting patiently to find their forever homes. Contact them so they can have a chat and match you with the best companion for your lifestyle. Alternatively, TradeMe search “Saving Hope Foundation” for available dogs.

Why was the Saving Hope Foundation started


“The Saving Hope Foundation story begins with our namesake, a pit bull puppy named Hope.

We first met Hope as a sick and scared 4-week-old pup at Silverdale Animal Shelter. She was malnourished, dehydrated and without medical care and attention.

She was scheduled to be destroyed because of her breed. The council-run shelter would not release her for adoption or to a rescue agency, even with all usual rights waived.

The public outrage and resulting social media campaign resulted in Hope being seized by the SPCA and fostered until she was old enough for her forever home with a Saving Hope Foundation family.

She has grown into a happy, healthy and gentle dog and we are lucky to have her as a reminder of both how much we’ve achieved so far, and all the innocent lives at stake if we do nothing. There are so many dogs still to help and we are just beginning our journey!”

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