Venison Shin with Beef Jerky Wrap

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June 4, 2019

Venison Shin with Beef Jerky Wrap

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Venison Shin with Beef Jerky Wrap

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Venison Shin with Beef Jerky Wrap

Venison Shins are a longer lasting chew with a tasty beef jerky wrapping.

The ‘easy to eat’ outer casing over the venison shin is beef.  If your dog has an allergy to beef we recommend you either remove it or purchase our kangaroo femur instead

These NZ Venison Shins are one of our most popular natural bones.  The bones are slowly dehydrated so they don’t splinter. They are less dense than beef bones so will not chip or damage your dogs teeth.

They are a great combination of bone, marrow and skin, so your dogs teeth get a really good work out!

They would suit medium to large dogs, however we do have smaller dogs that love to chew on them.  As your dog is chewing on these bones, their teeth are getting a good work out and a clean.

Chewing also relieves stress and boredom.

These bones are intended as a treat, not as a complete food.

Inside the bone your dog will find marrow. Bone marrow has has many health benefits for your dog besides their teeth. The adiponectin has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Bone Marrow also supports kidney and digestive function, it can aid in repairing wounds, and will help generate new red and white blood cells.

A bit of trivia for you…

Musk Deer

The Musk Deer is an endangered deer with vampire like fans. It was spotted for the first time in nearly 60 years, in a remote forest in northern Afghanistan.

It is native to the Himalayas of northern India, Pakistan’s Kashmir region and northern Afghanistan.

Only the male deer have fangs, and they use them during mating season to compete for females.

Musk-deer meat is a local delicacy, but it is mostly hunted for its scent glands that are more valuable by weight than gold. Some believe the glands have pharmaceutical properties, and they sell for nearly $20,455 per pound ($45,000 per kilogram) on the black market.

Poor things!


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