Weekly Mega Sale 25% off Dehydrated Lamb Green Tripe

Apr 27th, 2019
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Weekly Mega Sale

25% off Dehydrated Lamb Green Tripe

From Sunday 5th April to Saturday 11th May

Where: On our website 

At our shop: 1-3 Te Roto Drive, Paraparaumu


Lamb Green Tripe is packed full of essential nutrients and is one of the most beneficial treats you can give your dog.

What is Tripe?

Green tripe is the untreated contents of a grazing animal’s stomach or intestines. This food is highly nutritious, containing plenty of enzymes, good bacteria, and nutrients that are excellent for your pet’s health. It’s also a very natural part of both dogs and cats’ ancestral diets.

Green tripe is called green because it has been untouched by bleaching or treating. In other words it is totally natural.  It may be lightly rinsed in water. The colouring comes from what the animal eats as its main diet. IE. grass

Nutritional Information & Benefits of Raw Green Tripe


Green Tripe is high in protein. 70% of this protein has 7 amino acids, which perform essential functions in your pet’s body, including building muscle and enhancing all system functioning from immune response to tissue repair to urinary tract health.


Raw Green Tripe contains high amounts of lactobacillus acidophilus, a healthy probiotic.  Probiotics keep bad bacteria from overtaking your pet’s digestive system and making your pet sick. Acidophilus is naturally found in animal intestines, including your own and your dog or cat’s. By including acidophilus in your pet’s diet, you increase the amount of good bacteria that lives within your pet’s digestive system, promoting healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption.


Raw Green Tripe contains digestive enzymes.

Natural enzymes aid the digestive process by facilitating the breakdown of food into nutrients. The more digestive enzymes available, the more vitamins, minerals, and usable energy your pet will be able to receive from food.

Natural Vitamins and Minerals

Green Tripe also contains partially-digested greens (from what the animal has been eating), which unlock nutrients that may have been unavailable if your dog or cat simply ate the grass that the lamb (or other grazing animal) ate.  Herbivores such as cows, goats, deer & sheep have different digestive enzymes in their bodies for digesting the things that they normally eat – grasses, for instance. Your pet, primarily a carnivore, has different digestive enzymes for digesting raw meat, such as they would in the wild. By including partially digested roughage in your pet’s diet, you give them more usable nutrients for their system. These vitamins and minerals would be hard for them to get in any other way. This way they are easily absorbed by your pets body.

Calcium and Phosphorus

Green Tripe has a nearly perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio, as well as an optimal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, making it nutritionally balanced. Green tripe is also acidic in pH, making it easier for your pet to digest – perfect for sensitive stomachs.

Heatlhy Fats

Green Tripe is high in heart-healthy unsaturated fats, nearly 50% of the total fat in tripe is unsaturated. These fats provide quality, long-term energy and increase healthy HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

Tripe for Weight Gain or Illness Recovery

Green tripe smells does have a distinctive smell, but dogs LOVE the smell and taste. That makes it an easy choice for dogs who need to gain weight, whether they are just underweight or if they are recovering from illness. What’s more, the weight gained will be healthy weight, built on calories full of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that your dog needs to restore and maintain proper system functioning.

Tripe for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

Many dogs and cats gain weight when fed traditional, carbohydrate-heavy, low-nutrition kibble diets that claim to be complete nutrition. Carbohydrates often provide quick energy, not lasting energy that will keep your pet satisfied, like proteins and healthy fats. Tripe contains concentrated calories, but the calories are full of nutrients as well that will support your pet’s system functioning. Tripe makes a great supplement to any weight-loss diet for your dog or cat, as it will help them feel full. Your pet also won’t miss out on needed nutrients, as is the danger of restrictive diets. Feed it as a healthy, guilt-free treat by freezing it into cubes or offering freeze-dried morsels.

To purchase raw Lamb Green Tripe click here or https://catsanddogs.co.nz/product-category/dogs/(Variety Meat Boxes)

Tripe for Picky Eaters

Green tripe has a very potent aroma, but if you can stomach it, tripe can interest even picky dogs. Dogs love the strong smell, which is particularly good for seniors who have lost some of their sense of smell. Feed it as a part of your pet’s regular diet, a nutritious treat, or as a topper for your dog or cat’s kibble.

Tripe for Pregnant or Nursing Mothers

Tripe is chock full of vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats, which makes it the perfect addition to your pregnant or nursing bitch’s diet. Feeding her quality nutrition at this time in her life gives her the energy that she needs for her puppies, but won’t make her pack on non-essential Kgs. The extra calcium it contains should suit your pregnant or nursing pet’s needs, and the nearly perfect ration of calcium to phosphorus (which is required for calcium uptake) is highly desirable and rare in a whole food.

Tripe for Sensitive Stomachs

Green tripe is very easy to digest. Dehydrated Freeze-dried, frozen, or fresh tripe is the best for naturally-occurring probiotics and digestive enzymes. If your dog or cat has “Leaky Gut” syndrome or acid reflux, tripe is very digestible and can ease these symptoms.

Tripe for Coprophagia

Can’t get your dog to stop eating poop? The digestive enzymes in green tripe are said to help dogs that eat feces for the digestive enzymes it contains. While there are a number of reasons why dogs eat poop, including anxiety, stress, and boredom (to name a few), this solution takes care of the dietary cause. Green tripe can also rid your dog of a habit of eating grass.

Tripe for Dental Health

If you can find some raw or freeze dried tripe in large chunks or pieces, it has a quite rubbery texture, which is great for dogs to chew on. This makes it a tasty, natural chew that is excellent for oral health.


In short, if you aren’t feeding your dog or cat green tripe, you should be! Few natural foods offer as much nutrition, especially in a form so attractive to pets. The only downside to green tripe would be its smell. But if you can manage to plug your nose while you feed it, your pet can benefit from a superior nutrition that few other foods can offer.




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