Weekly Special – Venison Trachea Mega Sale – 25% off RRP

Mar 16th, 2019
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Weekly Special – Venison Trachea Mega Sale – 25% off RRP

From:  Monday 17th March to 23rd March
Where:  On our website https://catsanddogs.co.nz/shop/venison-trachea/
And at our shop: 1-3 Te Roto Drive, Paraparaumu Beach, Kapiti. 5032

What is a trachea?

Another name for trachea is the windpipe. It is a cartilaginous tube that connects the pharynx and larynx to the lungs, allowing the passage of air, and so is present in almost all air breathing animals with lungs.

Glucosamine is a natural compound found in the building blocks of cartilage. When dogs suffer from arthritis or bone and joint pain, glucosamine can help to cushion the area between joints where cartilage is missing, thin, or damaged.  Because glucosamine is a natural supplement, it can also be found in foods your dog will love. There are some excellent sources of glucosamine found naturally in foods your dog can eat every day (see below for the list of foods). And what better way to offer a supplement to your dog than in their meals or treats.

Venison Trachea is high in protein and low in fat. With glucosamine and chondroitin, your dog’s joint health can benefit along with your dog’s dental health as he chews on a venison trachea treat.

Other benefits of Glucosamine – Glucosamine Isn’t Just For Joints

Glucosamine has a great reputation for helping joints.  What you may not know is that glucosamine can also help with gut health. The type of glucosamine that helps with gut health is NAG (N-Acetyl-Glucosamine). It helps create connective tissue and repair mucous membranes that form the barrier of the gastrointestinal system. It’s been shown to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and improve irritable bowel disease symptoms. It can also support the immune system, 80% of which lives in the gut.

How often can I give my dog a venison trachea?

As long as you decrease their normal daily food intake, you can give your dog a trachea 3 to 5 times a week.

What else can I do with trachea?

If you feed your dog raw food (part of a balanced raw diet), then you can stuff your trachea with meat. This can be frozen and given as part of their daily food allowance.

If your dog suffers with separation anxiety, try this technique. Give your dog the stuffed trachea just before you head out the door.

We also have an anti-anxiety aromatherapy blend which we have found to be very helpful in calming anxious dogs. Click here to find out more.

For the raw feeders, you can also feed your dog raw trachea.

What other foods contain Glucosamine


For more information on please read https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/the-best-sources-of-glucosamine-for-dogs

Monty, Mike & Bev ♥

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