What on earth do I feed my dog!!……

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April 4, 2017

What on earth do I feed my dog!!……

What on eartWhat on earth do I feed my dogh do I feed my dog…

A blog by Mandy O’Hare

Its so confusing these days, the choice appears endless, dry kibble, tinned, biscuits, no biscuits, raw, cooked,……then there’s no meat, vegetables, fruit, grain, no grain…..and on and on and on.

So I gave it some thought, did some research, talked to some learned friends and this is what I think….

Raw….It’s probably the best for our dogs and cats for that matter, but let’s not get too hung up on the method……there’s the Prey Model and although I think that’s most fitting for our four-legged friends, we must remind ourselves that they have been domesticated and no longer have to hunt for their food. With that in mind I have come to the conclusion that while our beautiful furry friends are no longer chasing down their dinner, or breakfast, raw is the most suited to their gut and digestive processes. When was the last time you saw your dog digging up carrots or chewing heads of wheat? They are natural scavengers.  I guess a really hungry dog that has been left to it’s own devices could eat out of the garbage bins, which means cooked and possibly rotting food……It doesn’t mean it’s good for him………just like eating Mc Donalds is not really good for us…….

What about adding things like dried fruit, kelp, green muscles, flax oil………..and on and on…….

The pet food industry is a multi-million dollar business, a bit like the processed food industry for us humans………………..it sells! Its not good for us but who cares as long as it creates revenue.

So, in an ideal world……..the whole carcass is what they would eat, maybe not all the internal organs (some don’t taste or feel nice) and again, you wouldn’t expect a dog to chase a cow for dinner but raw beef if properly sourced, or as organic, grass fed as possible can be part of their diet, along with raw bones (not beef, they can damage teeth) some offal and tripe.   My dogs love venison and possum bones but getting them can be difficult unless your friends with a hunter or your local raw food supplier…..The cats and Dogs Dinner company!

Raw fish is also a great source of the important omegas and can be easily incorporated in their feeding regime. I don’t think feeding a combination of raw and dry or dry and tinned is effective, one or the other is best otherwise you may run into digestive issues.

Remember…..what ever you decide, make the changes slowly, make sure you weigh your dog and feed the right amount.

You can still give treats………..there’s some great raw things out there and lovely natural homemade biscuits and juicy raw bones……..so have a look, talk to raw feeders, checkout the website do your own research and do your dog a favour!!