Why Buy From Us?

Aug 24th, 2016
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Why buy from us?  Here are 13 reasons why you should.
  • You believe in feeding your cat/dog the best natural food available in NZ
  • You want your pet to maintain a stronger healthier immune system
  • You want less vet visits
  • You want to see your pet enjoying their food and looking forward to dinner time with excitement
  • You want more variety and options.
  • You believe in purchasing ethical and sustainable NZ made products
  • You want your pet to have healthy fur, skin and teeth
  • You value FREE support and advice on natural feeding solutions
  • You value great customer service
  • You appreciate a delivery service catered to you and your pets needs
  • FREE vet nurse support and advice
  • Your pet has allergies and needs special dietary requirements
  • You want to deal with people who are knowledgeably and passionate about your pets health and well-being.
Monty, Mike & Bev ♥


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