Why Choose Our Meat Blends Instead Of Mass Produced Kibble

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October 6, 2016

Why Choose Our Meat Blends Instead Of Mass Produced Kibble

Why Choose Our Meat Blends Instead Of Mass Produced Kibble

The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company Moto:

We aim to provide friendly advice, information and  on-going support in natural feeding solutions for the health and well-being of your cats and dogs.

What do we do?

We believe that dogs and cats need meat.  They were designed to eat meat so why don’t we feed them meat?

Kibble companies have only been around for 100 years.  What on earth did the cats and dogs do before that?

Kibble is made from low grade ingredients and fillers that are cheap to mass produce.  Most of what is in kibble will go straight through your animals and out the other side. Dogs and especially cats are carnivores, what constitutes for protein in kibble is normally vegetable based, which the guts of our animals cannot process.

You might find that the faeces are runny and smelly, which is not normal.  Faeces needs to be firm in texture.

Does your dog have bad wind?

When Monty was just a small pup we were told that he had to have this special kibble.  Not only did he not like it, but he could fill an entire room with the most awful smell imaginable.  It would just hang there!

I am always asked why we started up our company. In reality, it was all Monty’s fault.  Mike and I stayed in Orewa when we took my daughter Emma to Vet nursing school up in Auckland. We came across a small shop that sold an array of frozen meats for dogs and cats. We visited the shop a few times and asked lots of questions. To us it made sense, why not feed your dog what it is designed to eat.

When we came back to Kapiti we looked around for a supplier and we could not find one.  Luckily we came across an Auckland company that was willing to send us some down.  We only intended to purchase for ourselves but somehow we ended up selling the meat blends and three years later we have 8 large freezers almost always full of meat and meaty bones.

What is on our meat blends?

Our meat blends are based on the Prey Model Diet of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone & 10% organ.  These percentages are what a cat or dog would eat if it brought down and ate say a mouse, or rabbit.

Our meat blends already have the correct percentages in them.  You could go out and buy meat, bone and offal yourself and work out the ratios but many people do not have the time or the inclination to do this.  And we do have a lot of vegetarian customers!

Over the last 3 years we have learnt a lot about raw feeding.  We are surprised to come across so many animals with diseases and joint problems.  Could this be the result of our animals eating convenient rubbish food?  Do we believe the hype as a dog bounces across our TV screen with the narrator telling us the food is full of vitamins and minerals that will give your animal a long healthy life. Is this really true?  How many people spend a fortune at the vets over the lifetime of their animal?

We use the analogy of MacDonalds. Sure you could eat MacDonalds every day for years and you will live, but what is the bet that you will not feel great, you certainly won’t look great and you will probably have something medically wrong with you sooner rather than later and you definitely won’t thrive! This applies to our animals.

At least when you are feeding them the food they are designed to eat, you know you have done your best.

Most of our meat blends are from the wild, such as rabbit, venison, possum & goat. However we do have some farm animals; we use young animals that have not had chance to be contaminated by pesticides. Our chicken is free range and the salmon is whole salmon, not just the bones, head and tail.  There are suppliers out there who add things such as green lipped muscle, but I don’t know of any cat or dog that has popped down to the beach to munch on them!

Our blends do not contain any fillers or preservatives, just top quality natural animal based food.

What are my qualifications?

I have spent years researching, gaining knowledge of raw feeding. My supplier is very knowledgeable and has passed on his knowledge to us.

My skills are in retail, however I am not a pushy sales person, and I would rather give you the information and let you decide for yourself. You cannot force anyone to believe in what you believe, all you can do is give them the information so that they can decide for themselves.

This is only part of what we do at The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company, more on what else we do in another blog.

Beverley Saunders – Holland