Beco Bags Degradable Poop Bags

Beco Bags Degradable Poop Bags


Big, strong, degradable, extra-large, and extra thick.

Beco caters for almost all poop sizes (apologies to any owners of pet elephants). And rest assured that these bags completely break down once disposed of.




  • Packaging is made from recycled paper, bags are conveniently dispensed on a recycled paper core instead of a plastic one.
  • Extra-strong bags mean no ripped, torn, or wasted bags when you need to deal with extraordinary poops.
  • Extra-long bags, 22 x 33 cms, so you or your sleeve never make unwanted contact
  • BecoBags are made from 98% PE plastic and 2% D2W, which is the additive that causes the bag to degrade once it comes into contact with organic matter and is thrown away.