BIOSPORE® Probiotic Oral Drops for Optimal Pet Gut Health

BIOSPORE® Probiotic Oral Drops for Optimal Pet Gut Health


BIOSPORE oral probiotic drops are a 100% spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic and antibiotic formula that enhances microbial diversity, promoting digestion, nutrient absorption, and a healthy gut.

Key features of BIOSPORE oral probiotic drops are:

  • prebiotic
  • probiotic
  • an effective antioxidant
  • probiotic supplements that contain spore-forming beneficial bacteria
  • usable alongside medication
  • effective without refrigeration
  • effective for a year (as long as the storage instructions are kept)
  • … a completely natural and proven method for helping restore digestive function, the immune system, energy, healthy sleep patterns, metabolism and the skin system.

BIOSPORE oral probiotic drops provide a straightforward way to support overall well-being.

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BIOSPORE oral probiotic drops has a simple pump action for inclusion in your pet’s meal.

Dosage guidelines as follows:
<5kg = 2 pumps
5-10kg = 3 pumps
10kg+ = 4 pumps

Pump the required amount onto food and mix through, once daily.

Spore-based probiotics are probiotic supplements that contain spore-forming beneficial bacteria. Spore-based probiotic supplements contain bacteria that are known to release spores (think of them as little probiotic babies) that can flourish and multiply in the large intestine.

Make sure to store your BIOSPORE oral probiotic drops in a cool place, away from direct sunlight,
heat and strong smells, as this is proven to break down the efficacy of the product. Do not store in
the refrigerator.

Distilled Water, Organic Cane Sugar, and live Microbial Infusion containing amino acids, minerals, yeast bacteria, phototrophic bacteria and organic acids.

General Disclaimer: If you believe your pet is suffering or distressed in any way, please contact your veterinarian.