Pink Beco Travel Bowl | Medium

Pink Beco Travel Bowl | Medium


  • A flat-pack bowl is ideal for traveling. When you have a trusty travel bowl on your adventures, your sidekick can stay hydrated and never has to miss a meal. Made from flexible and hardwearing BPA-free silicone, this bowl is built to last.
  • This bowl pops out with a flick and flattens with a squish.
  • The grippy handles help you pick it up without touching your dog’s dinner.
  • On the off chance your dog missed a spot, it wipes clean easily. Ready to go.
  • These bowls are a decent size so your dog will not have any problems drinking from them.
  • Materials: Hard-wearing Silicone

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  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Wash regularly.
  • These bowls are hardy but not chew proof.
  • Supervise your dog as they enjoy their dinner.
  • 18cm 750mL


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