Ezydog Leaf Dog Water Bottle (600ml)

Ezydog Leaf Dog Water Bottle (600ml)


The Leaf Bottle from EzyDog is a portable dog water bottle. With a volume of 600mL, there will always be water at hand for any walk.

The Leaf Bottle is completely leakproof and BPA-free and is portable enough to carry with you on any walk. An accessory ring allows you to attach the bottle to your dog leash whilst keeping your hands free.

The lid of the Leaf Dog Water Bottle is made from a flexible, food-safe silicone material. This lid can then be turned inside out, creating a portable trough shape that your dog can drink from comfortably. By removing the plug and gently squeezing the bottle, water is allowed into the trough.

Encouraging pets to drink more water is crucial to avoid heat stress and dehydration. Dog hydration products, like the EzyDog leaf bottle, help eliminate the risk of your dog being caught without access to any freshwater.

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  • Leak-Proof Dog Water Bottle
  • Holds 600mL of water
  • BPA Free
  • Portable
  • Convenient attachment ring for hands-free carrying

Cleaning Instructions: Always wash the Leaf Bottle by hand. It is not suitable for dishwasher use.