Fourflax Canine Probiotics

Fourflax Canine Probiotics


Fourflax Probiotics for dogs is New Zealand’s leading probiotic supplement for canines, promoting optimal digestive health, proper bowel function, and relief from upset stomachs.

This exceptional blend of prebiotics and probiotics fosters a healthy balance of gut bacteria, addressing sensitivities, paw licking, and itchiness caused by dry skin. High in insoluble dietary fiber, it aids in alleviating constipation, improving stool consistency, and resolving anal gland issues. Formulated with targeted ingredients, it enhances natural immunity, repairs cells, and ensures your dog fully absorbs nutrients and efficiently digests their food.

Achieve bowel balance for healthy tummies and happy companions!



Flax seed fiber, oligofructose, Protexin multi-strain probiotic, Alltech NuPro, CitriStim yeast mannan containing beta-glucans, a natural antioxidant.
New Zealand-made.

Daily Feeding Recommendation (5g scoop, approx. 1 tsp enclosed): 
Dogs under 10kg – 1 scoop per day
Dogs 10-20kg – 1½ scoops per day
Dogs 20-30kg – 2 scoops per day
Dogs over 30kg – 2½ scoops per day

Storage Guidelines: 
Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. Once opened, keep dry and use within 3 months.


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