Goat Milk Cheesy Bites Reward Treats

Goat Milk Cheesy Bites Reward Treats


Keep your dog super happy and healthy with these delicious handmade goat milk cheesy treats.

Who doesn’t love cheesy snacks? Now your four-legged friends can enjoy the great taste too. Delicious hand-crafted goat milk cheesy treats for your pets.  Perfect to use for training rewards.

Goatmilk for Pets Icon 100-gram goat milk goodness

Goatmilk for Pets Icon Hand made with fresh goat milk and seasonal fruit & veggies

Goatmilk for Pets Icon Wholesome tasty goat milk dog treats

Goatmilk for Pets Icon Full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy bones and happy guts

Goatmilk for Pets Icon Suitable for dogs of all ages and puppies

Goatmilk for Pets Icon No additives, preservatives, sugar, or salt

Goatmilk for Pets Icon Proudly made in New Zealand

Goatmilk for Pets Icon Environmentally friendly packaging

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Store in a cool place

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The good news is these delicious, handmade goat milk cheesy treats are packed full of natural goodness without any nasties like preservatives or additives.  What delicious healthy pet food your animals will enjoy over and over again!

The Goat Milk Cheesy Bites are the perfect bite-sized treat to reward your darling pooch, they can nibble away whilst you can feel great that you’re only feeding them the best.

There is a mix of 4 delicious flavors mixed in this 100grm environmentally friendly tub
Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Classic
Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Pumpkin
Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Berry
Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Avocado

Ingredients- Goat Milk, Kefir Goat Milk, Rennet, Homegrown seasonable fruit and vegges.