Lamb Liver Bites | 1Kg

Lamb Liver Bites | 1Kg

NZ Lamb Liver cut into bite-sized pieces for easy feeding.

Lamb liver is rich in vitamins A, B, and D and folic acid, iron, copper, and zinc. It supports a healthy immune system, reproductive system, and digestive system, and it promotes joint, skin, and mental health, among numerous other benefits for your pet’s well-being.

If your dog’s not used to eating liver, start slowly. Because liver is so rich in nutrients, it can cause tummy upset or loose stool.

This product cannot be bought individually. Please visit Variety Meat Boxes to purchase.

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When feeding organs that secrete, such as the liver, ensure it makes up no more than 10% of your pet’s total daily intake. If the food you’re already providing includes secreting organs, do not add any extra.

For example:

80% muscle meat

10% bone

10% secreting organs

Please get in touch with us if you are unsure how much to feed your pet.