Lick Mats (Buddy)

$9.50 inc GST

Lick Mats (Buddy)

Ideal for cats, puppies, small and medium dogs.

We all lead busy lives and feel guilty leaving our pets home alone for many hours. Lick Mats Bordem Busters are designed to enhance your pet’s environment as well as benefiting their health.

Customise your Lick Mat with your pet’s favourite treat.

You could try smearing on our Offally Good Peanut Butter or our meat blends


 Lick Mats (Buddy)

  • Soothes and calms your dogs through licking
  • Promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth & gums
  • Keep pets entertained with tasty treats and food
  • Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health
  • Enjoys small treats without over feeding
  • Vet developed for both cats & dogs