‘Nutty Pumpkin’ Goat Milk Dog Biscuits

‘Nutty Pumpkin’ Goat Milk Dog Biscuits


Keep your dog super happy and healthy with these delicious handmade Nutty Pumpkin Dog Biscuits!   These baked treats are made with organically homegrown pumpkin and fresh goat milk.

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Wholesome tasty goat milk dog treats

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy bones and happy guts

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  80 grams hand pressed & oven-baked goodness

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Suitable for dogs of all ages and puppies

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  No additives, preservatives, sugar, or salt

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Proudly made in New Zealand

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Environmentally friendly packaging

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Store in a cool place

These pet treats are intended for supplemental feeding only.

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Goat milk can contribute to helping build and maintain healthy skin, shiny fur, strong bones, and more.

Pumpkins are packed with important nutrients, including beta-carotene, zinc, iron, vitamin A, E, and C, and potassium.  The additional Vitamin C from pumpkin can help benefit dogs with joint and mobility problems.

Ingredients:  Chickpea / Coconut / Maize / Rice Flours, Fine Oats, Goat Milk, Fresh Pumpkin, Coconut Oil, Eggs, Kelp, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Seed, Flax & Chia Seeds.

These biscuits are to provide a nutritional benefit and not replace therapeutic or pharmacological products. If your pet is suffering from mobility issues, see your vet in the first instance.