‘Oaty Apple’ Goat Milk Dog Biscuits

‘Oaty Apple’ Goat Milk Dog Biscuits


Keep your doggo super happy and healthy with our delicious handmade goat milk-based treats.  Whether your poodle is a nibbler, your Pointer is a bit of a scoffer, these goat milk cookies will go down a treat.

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Wholesome tasty goat milk dog treats

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy bones and happy guts

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  80 grams hand pressed & oven-baked goodness

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Suitable for dogs of all ages and puppies

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Hand made with our own fresh goat milk, homegrown fruits, and veggies

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  No additives, preservatives, sugar, or salt

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Proudly made in New Zealand

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Environmentally friendly packaging

Goatmilk for Pets Icon  Store in a cool place

These pet treats are intended for supplemental feeding only. We recommend 1 or 2 small biscuits per day depending on the size of your doggo.

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When it comes to feeding loads of goodness to your pets’ goat milk is mother nature’s superfood.   This superfood can help your pet enjoy life to the full with healthy skin, shiny fur, strong bones, and more.

Delicious Oaty Apple oven-baked wheat-free dog biscuits are made with homegrown organic apples and eggs and goat milk.

Ingredients:  Chickpea/Coconut/Maize & Rice Flour, Oats, Fresh Goat Milk, homegrown Apples, Coconut Oil, homegrown Eggs, Kelp, Linseed & Chia Seeds, DE Powder & Rice Flour.