Orbee-Tuff Glow In The Dark Ball

Orbee-Tuff Glow In The Dark Ball


Orbee-Tuff Ball Glow


  • This one glows in the dark so no more lost balls in the garden at night.
  • This ball is fabulous. It bounces well and is a good weight so it flies a long way.
  • Dogs can get a good grip as the ball’s surface is slightly uneven.
  • If your dog likes the water then you are in luck, it floats.

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Colour: Glow (White/Orange)
Sizes: Small (57mm), Medium (76mm), Large (100mm)

  • 100% non-toxic
  • Suitable for small, medium & large dogs
  • Chew-o-meter: 5/5
  • Non-toxic, BPA Free, phthalate-free FDA Approved
  • Bouyant & Bouncy
  • Infused with natural mint oil so smells nice!

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