Orbee-Tuff Lil Snoop Treat Dispensing Puzzle

The Orbee-Tuff Lil Snoop is a boredom buster. If your small to medium dog needs some excitement in its life or just needs to be occupied for a while, then the Orbee-Tuff Lil Snoop Treat Dispensing Puzzle is for you, or should I say him or her!  This treat-dispensing puzzle toy keeps dogs engaged, drives brain stimulation, and helps promote self-play.

It May well suit larger cats

Just pop up the neck of the Lil’ Snoop, fill with treats, pop back in and watch how your dog uses up energy trying to get the treats out.

Available in a larger size for bigger dogs.

Comes in purple or blue.






  • Size: Lil’ Snoop (100mm x 280mm)
  • Suitable for smaller to medium dogs
  • Chew-o-meter: not rated (please note this is not a chew toy)
  • Non toxic, BPA Free, phthalate free FDA Approved
  • Bouyant & Bouncy
  • Infused with natural mint oil so smells nice!


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