Pet Soother


Pet Soothing drops for Cats + Dogs + Horses

Pet Soother drops are made in New Zealand and recommended as a supporting herbal extract for




This pet blend is gentle and may support relaxation for dogs, cats, and horses in times of anxiety.

Our products are based on home remedies for pets, using traditional preparation methods, free of additives and fillers

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How to use it?
Drops can be put directly into your pets’ mouths, diluted with water, or mixed in wet food. 

What herbs are used in this blend?
Oats, Hops, Skullcap, Valerian, Liquorice, Nettle

If the preparation fails to alleviate the condition being treated, the user should seek veterinary advice.

Sensible Precaution
Pregnant, lactating pets or pets about to breed should avoid all herbal remedies including this blend unless specifically advised. Natural Pet Remedies Store herbal drops are designed to support and are not intended as a replacement for prescribed medication from your Veterinarian. 

Although these drops contain a very small amount of Liquorice diluted extract, as a precaution those with high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, kidney or liver disease, are best to use the maintenance dose as shown on the label rather than daily dosing.