PMD | Active Breeders Mix | 1Kg

PMD | Active Breeders Mix | 1Kg

Active Breeders Mix

High protein blend great for pregnant mums. This blend is perfectly balanced.

Contains: Beef, (muscle meat) Venison, (muscle meat) Whole Chicken + Bone, Green Tripe & Offal (Kidney & Heart).

Great for dogs and cats of all ages

This product cannot be bought individually. Please visit Variety Meat Boxes to purchase.

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High moisture content – keeps the kidneys functioning well.

Beef – rich in essential amino acids and contains many other nutrients that our fur-kids need to be healthy.

Tripe – probiotics with anti-inflammatory properties + enzymes that help aid their digestion and amino acids to help muscles grow and stay strong, while gastro juices which help clean their teeth and lower cholesterol.