Preylicious Dry Food | Rabbit, Venison, Kangaroo & Tripe

Preylicious Dry Food | Rabbit, Venison, Kangaroo & Tripe

Discover Preylicious Dry Food: Your Pet’s Path to Optimal Health and Convenience

At Preylicious, we understand that your pet’s nutrition is a top priority. That’s why we’ve crafted a premium, fully balanced pet food that adheres to the Prey Model Diet philosophy, guaranteeing the finest nutrition for your beloved cats and dogs. Our unique formula consists of 55% muscle meat, 25% lamb tripe, 10% bone, and 10% organ content (including 5% liver and 5% other secreting organs) to ensure a perfectly balanced diet.

A Balanced Diet for Optimal Health

Preylicious Dry Food is meticulously designed to mirror the natural dietary preferences of cats and dogs. The Prey Model Diet’s balanced ratios of muscle meat, tripe, bone, and organs are crucial to your pets’ thriving health. With Preylicious, you can be confident that your pets are receiving the essential nutrients they need for robust well-being.

Versatile Beyond Mealtime

Preylicious Dry Food isn’t just a meal; it’s a versatile addition to your pet’s daily routine:

  • High-Value Treat: Reward exceptional behavior with Preylicious Dry Food – it’s so delicious that your pet will go above and beyond.
  • Meal Topper: Elevate your pet’s regular meals by adding a bit of Preylicious Dry Food, boosting nutritional value and excitement during mealtimes.
  • Enrichment Toys: Keep your dogs mentally and physically engaged by hiding Preylicious Dry Food in toys like Kongs. It’s both entertaining and nourishing.

Convenient for Travel and Agility Events

For pet owners on the move, Preylicious Dry Food is the perfect solution. Unlike traditional raw diets requiring refrigeration, Preylicious offers the convenience of a dry food that’s easy to pack and store. Whether you’re planning a holiday, a weekend getaway, or an agility event, simply pack Preylicious Dry Food without worrying about refrigeration. Your pets can enjoy the benefits of the Prey Model Diet wherever your adventures take you.


Preylicious Dry Food represents a commitment to your pet’s well-being. With its Prey Model Diet philosophy, balanced nutrition, and versatility, it guarantees that your pets not only stay healthy but also relish every meal. Make the switch to Preylicious Dry Food today and provide your pets with the nutrition they deserve. Experience boundless energy, shiny coats, and unwavering loyalty – all thanks to Preylicious.

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Feeding Guide for Different Stages

One of the standout features of Preylicious Dry Food is that it’s free from additives and fillers. This means you’ll be feeding your pets less compared to traditional kibble or canned food. Here’s a feeding guide to help you provide the right amount:

For Puppies and kittens: Feed 15g of Preylicious Dry Food for every 1 kg of body weight per day. For instance, a 5 kg puppy/kitten would require 75g in total per day.

For Dogs and Cats Over 18 Months: Provide 8g of Preylicious Dry Food for every 1 kg of body weight. For example, a 5 kg dog would need 40g in total per day.

Adjust as needed to maintain your pet’s ideal body condition.

High-Quality Ingredients

Preylicious Dry Food is made from a selection of high-quality ingredients, ensuring your pets receive the best. These include N.Z Lamb Meat, N.Z Red Deer Meat, N.Z Lamb Green Tripe, Whole N.Z Rabbit (including organs), N.Z Wallaby Meat, N.Z Wallaby Organs, Betaine (a natural source nutrient), Natural Prebiotic Fiber, Natural Preservatives (distilled vinegar and citric acid), and Natural Antioxidants (mixed plant tocopherols). It’s a recipe for optimal health and happiness.

Handy Tip: Always ensure fresh water is available for your pets to stay hydrated.


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