Preylicious Dry Salmon & Chicken Samples

This totally scrummalicious food can be fed as a complete meal as it has the correct ratios of meat, bone & organ content for both cats and dogs to thrive.  We call this the Prey Model Diet

These samples are a minimum of 4 days worth of food, so this will give you plenty of time to see just how much your dog or cat love their Preylicious meal times.

We have 3 sample sizes

  • Small sample is for cats/dogs from 1Kg to 5Kg
  • Medium sample is for cats/dogs from 6Kg to 10Kg
  • Large sample is for dogs from 11Kg to 15Kg Dog

You can also feed this totally scrummy food as a high-value treat, a meal topper, or add it into their Kong

Feeding as a high-value treat

Your pup or dog will do more for this food than lesser value treats. They are absolutely IRRESISTIBLE!

Feeding as a meal topper

Add some to your pet’s meal to increase nutritional value, It will make their mealtimes SPECIAL!

Add to a Kong (or similar)

A great way to feed your dog, instead of using a bowl, is to put the Preylicious Salmon & Chicken in a Kong or similar enrichment toy. This will keep your dog entertained and content.

Handy Tip: Always have water available





For puppies & kittens

15g for every 1Kg of body weight.

Eg. A 5Kg puppy/kitten would need 75g per day in total.

5 x 15g = 75g

For dogs & cats over 18 months

8g for every 1Kg of body weight.

Eg. A 5Kg dog would need 40g per day in total.

5 x 8g = 40g



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