Rabbit Feet | 80g

Rabbit Feet | 80g


  • Rabbit feet are a quick and delicious snack for dogs of all sizes. Extremely lean, rabbit feet are part of the natural prey diet which make they easy on digestion and an automatic favorite.
  • Rabbit feet are high in protein which is a novel protein and therefore hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is suitable for most dogs with food allergies. They also contain high levels of selenium, manganese, calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Dehydrated rabbit feet are dried at a low heat (around 60 degrees Celsius), often in a dehydrator. A heat higher than this could cause the bones to become brittle making them dangerous to dogs. However, drying at a low heat ensures they still stay soft and are easily digested.
  • Rabbit feet are very healthy, low-fat treats which contain plenty of minerals and natural compounds to boost immunity, gut health and joint health. They also aid in the general upkeep of your dog’s dental hygiene.
  • Rabbit fur is great fiber for your dog, which is important for digestive health and aids in cleaning the gut wall.
  • They are high in Vitamin B12 which benefits the central nervous system & red blood cell formation.

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Please note. If your dog gulps down his food, then these might not be a good option for him. Rabbit feet need to be chewed and crunched up before swallowing.

Cats tend to chew their food before swallowing.