Venison, Rabbit, Possum & Salmon Bites 100g

Venison, Rabbit, Possum & Salmon Bites 100g

These tasty little morsels are jam packed with protein, vitamins & minerals

They can be used as a meal replacement on road trips for dogs or training treats

Or as a main meal for cats


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Contains: Venison, Rabbit, Possum & Salmon

Made with whole minced venison/rabbit/possum, including all the prime cuts, 14.5% each, whole salmon 54.5%

1% Naural antioxidant (distilled white wine vinegar)

1% Natural preservative- tocopherol from plants (vitamin E)

low temp air dried @ 44 Celsius to preserve vitamins and minerals

100g of these bites equals 300g of raw product


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