WashBar – Stay Calm – Lavender Pet Spritzer 125ml

WashBar – Stay Calm – Lavender Pet Spritzer 125ml


WashBar 100% Natural Daily Spritzers aren’t just perfumes or colognes – they’re so much more – a coat freshener, deodorant, and flea repellent.

Stay Calm is ideal for active dogs that need a little help unwinding after an exciting adventure. Or for those dogs that are nervous and need help to relax, chill out and take life quietly.

Ideal for keeping the dog smelling fresh between baths, or to make your dog smell nice at the home or in the car, or when the dog smells and it’s too cold, too wet, or simply too inconvenient to give it a wash –give it a quick spritz instead.


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What’s really different about their spritzers is they are genuinely 100% natural. There’s no alcohol in them to irritate sensitive skin and everything in the bottle is directly derived from a plant or pure, clean water from New Zealand.