Worm Control

Worm Control – 25ml


Supports coping response to intestinal parasites.  Contains homeopathic and herbal preparations to assist in the explusion of worms and promote gut health.

Suitable for cats & dogs




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A homeopathic combination that may assist in treating worms. Cautionary use during pregnancy.

Incl. Cina, Kou, Gran, Fil, Chen-a. Calc, Artemis a, Juglans n, Allium s, Tanacetum v.


Cat / small dog 1 spray

Med/Lge dog 3 sprays into mouth

Use daily for 3 consecutive days (preferably before full moon). Repeat 3-6 monthly.

A bit about our Homeopathic Remedies

These preparations are a result of over 40 years of trials working with owners and their animal companions to achieve the best outcome possible whilst supporting any other treatment.

All preparations are sourced from human-grade materials.  They are G.E. free, non-toxic and will not interfere with medical treatment.

The oral preps are in an atomiser to prevent contamination of the contents.

Administer oral preps to a clean mouth, away from food.

In a first aid situation, preparations may be sprayed directly on to the skin.


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