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Mike, Bev and Monty’s story…

Monty was a surprise to everyone, most of all Mike. One day I turned up at his work and held up this little ball of fluff and said. “I’ve done something you won’t like.” Mike’s immediate response was to ask if I had had a car crash and was bemused by the cute black and white bundle in my hands.

The shop where I got Monty had been giving him ‘expensive’ vet approved dry food and I couldn’t understand why he could clear a room with his wind and that his poops were runny.

Whilst on a trip to Auckland we came across a shop dedicated to raw feeding. After asking an infinite number of questions we decided to give raw feeding a try and within days we could breath again. Monty took to it like a duck to water.

To cut a long story short, we now operate a retail shop in Kapiti and sell a vast range of quality raw meat blends online via our website. Products include meat blends sourced from farm animals as well as NZ wild shot meat blends, and all of our suppliers are MPI licensed.

What a former vet has to say

I am so pleased to be able to give a testimonial for raw feeding with Bev and Mike’s fabulous raw food products (The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company).

For personal and professional reasons, raw feeding of pets has been on my radar for over 20 years. Yet, it is only in the last year that I have decided to make the switch from commercial dry brands to raw feeding. I am thrilled with the results, and so are our pets!

Rebecca bear

The raw food benefits we’ve experienced

In addition to our raw meat blends consisting of meat, organs and meaty bones, we also stock an extensive range of meaty bones and whole foods such as pilchards, goat, veal, possum, wallaby and rabbit pieces. We even stock goat milk!

Monty has been on raw food all his years and still loves it. No more room-clearing wind; his poops are smaller and well formed; he has great muscle tone; great breath and a silky coat, plus he has an awesome temperament meaning we can take him with us anywhere.

We firmly believe that Monty’s health and happiness – both inside and out – is due in large part to his healthy diet of raw meat, organs and bones. We’ve even transitioned our cats to raw food with equally great results!