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Recommended and endorsed by leading animal nutritionists for both cats and dogs, more pet owners than ever before are moving their cats and dogs on to a healthy prey model diet.

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Daisy & Poppy - 3 and 8 year old huntaways.

For about 18 months now we have been feeding these two a staple diet of the raw food selections of different meats, full of all the good stuff they need. Our vet has finally conceded they are the picture of health and vitality without any veterinary formula processed biscuits: even our friends comment on it!

After losing our last dog to leukemia we were both determined to put at least as much thought into our dogs diet as we do our own (if you’re going to have them you have to love them!) and the raw food diet just makes simple natural sense.

Bev & Mike run a great business and are both lovely people - all the best and on-going success. Thank you for our dogs wonderful health.
Rebecca Bear
PostgradDip Sci, BVSc, BSc (Massey) PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington
3 Sizes for Cats & Dogs

Variety Meat Box

With our variety boxes, you have the freedom to pick specific raw food products to add to your 4, 7 or 12 item limit, depending upon the size of box you select.

With an extensive range including many Prey Model Diet 1kg packs as well as other raw foods, chews and goats milk, your cat or dog will love you forever!

For a comprehensive run down on each of our raw food products, detailing the nutritious benefits of each meat blend, check out our guide to the Prey Model Diet.

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The Healthy, High Animal Protein Diet for Cats & Dogs

Prey Model Diet

The Prey Model diet is an all raw food diet, recommended by leading animal nutritionists for both cats and dogs.

More pet owners than ever before are moving their cats and dogs on to a healthy prey model diet.

Our Prey Model Variety Meat Boxes are made up of a very precise blend of muscle meats, organs and bones, specifically compiled to provide the right ratio of nutrients and proteins to form a perfectly balanced diet for your furry friend.

The Many Health Benefits of Changing to a Prey Model Diet

There are numerous arguments over the health effects of feeding commercial pet foods.  An increasing number of pet owners claim to have noticed a significant increase in overall health after switching to a prey model diet.

Healthier guts, whiter grins and increased energy are just some of the positive changes it is possible to achieve for your pets through prey model feeding.  After a few weeks, owners report a noticeable improvement in their pet’s health. After a few months, the benefits are incredible and can include:

  • 1 No more allergies (allergies are often caused by the cereals and preservatives contained within kibble).
  • 2 Increased mental stimulation, not least because the pet is required to figure out how to attack and consume their new foods.
  • 3 Smaller and less smelly poops. Meat and bone is broken down in the acidic stomach of cats and dogs more easily than kibble (which requires a more alkaline stomach).
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