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What is the Prey Model Diet

No Preservatives

Chemical preservatives are added to keep the food from going off. Instead of feeding your pet preservatives simply buy fresh!

Blended Raw Food

We use unaltered raw pet food for the benefit of your pet!

Healthier Pets

The Prey Model Diet is based on what carnivorous canines and felines have been eating for many thousands of years.

– Create your own –

Variety Meat Boxes

For your Cat or Dog

What Veterinarian Rebecca Bear has to say

I am so pleased to be able to give a testimonial for raw feeding with Bev and Mike’s fabulous raw food products (The Cats & Dogs Dinner Company).

For personal and professional reasons, raw feeding of pets has been on my radar for over 20 years. Yet, it is only in the last year that I have decided to make the switch from commercial dry brands to raw feeding. I am thrilled with the results, and so are our pets!

I trained as a veterinarian in the late ‘90s and worked in both NZ and the UK at a time when conventional wisdom taught us that commercially prepared dry food (especially premium brands) were the healthiest and most cost-effective option for cats and dogs. I can remember being ‘wined and dined’ by the pet food companies as a young student and being taught the ‘science’ of dry food feeding.

Whilst I have had pets do well on these diets, a good friend I went through vet school with started to talk raw feeding and the theory behind it – and I eventually started to listen. What tipped the scale for me and led to a different point-of-view, was my understanding of the workings of cat and dogs’ digestion, their requirements as carnivores, and the overuse of cereals in most commercial foods. My understanding is that high cereal meal leads to less-than-optimal stomach acid (and pH), an altered microbiome and digestion. This leads to changes in gut and skin health and immunity – not ideal!

Most recently, I have almost completed a PhD at Victoria University and I have enjoyed learning more about critical thinking, ‘how to learn’ and the research process in the commercial environment. In short, I now really question the ‘popular science’ around commercial pet food feeding.

Since the switch to raw feeding, I have seen a big change in our 10-years old cat who was very overweight, sluggish and constantly thirsty on dry food. She has lost 1/3 of her body weight, her coat has improved, and she has started to hunt!

We have a 4-month old kitten who is thriving and growing like a mushroom on a balanced raw food diet.

Raw feeding is convenient, cost-effective and there is no waste.

In addition, I am thrilled with being able to feed a species-appropriate diet to our fur-babies, which is ethically sourced and produced to human grade – and sold with love. I can’t thank Bev and Mike enough for their enthusiasm and passion for The Cats and Dogs Dinner Company and the fabulous products they provide.

My family, Jinx and Lily can’t thank you enough

Rebecca Bear

PostgradDip Sci, BVSc, BSc (Massey)
PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington

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