Health Benefits of Organ Meat

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What are the health benefits of using organs?

There are many organs that can be beneficial to your cat’s or dog’s diet.  Don’t be afraid to feed your pet different or unusual things such as chicken feet, venison trachea, tails, lung, kidneys, testicles and pizzles (penis).  These are all examples of foods loaded with chondroitin and glucosamine, which help to build healthy joints. If you cannot source these items raw, you can substitute with dehydrated versions. We sell dehydrated venison trachea, lamb trachea, venison gullets, lamb lung, venison lung and more, both in store and online for delivery nationwide. Organ meat should not exceed 10% of the overall diet, with approximately half of the organ meat in our frozen products made up of liver.  Let’s take a look at the nutritional benefits contained within the different organs included within our variety meat boxes:

Liver has a vast range of important nutrition qualities. It contains the most concentrated source of vitamin A, as well as containing substantial quantities of vitamins D, E and K.

Liver is also an excellent source of minerals including zinc, manganese, selenium and iron, and contains all the healthy B vitamins, particularly B1, B2, B3, B5 and B12, biotin and folate (B9).

An excellent source of good quality protein and of the essential fatty acids, both Omega 3 and Omega 6, we recommend feeding our liver product two or three times a week maximum, limiting to 5% of your cat or dog’s overall daily food intake.


We all know it’s important to have heart! Heart is an excellent source of protein, B vitamins and iron, as well as containing some essential fatty acids and a little vitamin A. Heart contains good levels of taurine which is an important amino acid for heart health.

Taurine is a particularly important functional nutrient for maintaining cats’ wellbeing and is found in many animal-based proteins (i.e. meat, offal). A lack of taurine can cause eye problems including eye degeneration or even blindness, as well as hair loss, tooth decay and a weak and enlarged heart.

Remember, the heart is muscle meat, not offal.

Raw Green Tripe

Raw Green Tripe has long been quoted as being “the finest of all-natural foods”.

Raw green tripe is the edible lining and accompanying content of a sheep’s first or second division of the stomach. Paunch tripe comes from the large first stomach division and honeycomb tripe comes from the second division.

We only use lamb tripe as beef has been known to cause allergies. Creamy light brown / slightly green colour, it should be consumed unprocessed and unbleached.

Both dogs and cats benefit from eating tripe as it contains a very diverse profile of living nutrients including digestive enzymes, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamin B, probiotics and phytonutrients. Raw green tripe has a very good calcium to phosphorus ratio and while it is not an essential part of the diet, it is extremely nutritious.

For those cat or dog owners reluctant or concerned about moving their animal to an 80% muscle meat diet, tripe provides a viable partial replacement (see our tailored dietary solutions).

Our tripe is sourced from grass-fed herbivores (not grain fed) in order to deliver maximum nutritional benefit to your animal.


Kidneys are another great source of good quality protein, essential fatty acids and many crucial vitamins including all the fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K. Kidneys are a rich source of iron and all the B vitamins as well as good levels of zinc.