Benefits of Meaty Bones

For busy people who want no fuss but the very, very best for their pets.

Meaty Bones

Raw Meaty Bones

Raw meaty bones are living tissue composed of living cells and just like any part of the body, they are a complex source of biologically balanced protein, minerals, calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, zinc and manganese.

By adding 10% bone to meals, you achieve the ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus required by a dog or cat.

Bones are high in calcium, whilst phosphorus is a mineral found in bones.  Both are essential to building strong healthy bones as well as keeping other parts of their body healthy.  When meat is fed with 10% bone, your cat and dog receive the precise calcium to phosphorus ratio we recommend.  Whole prey such as, rabbit, hare, mice, fish, eggs and tripe also contain the same balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus.

Raw bones can be a fantastic source of minerals and other nutrients to dogs.  Bones are composed of calcium phosphate, a mineral that aids your dog’s proper growth, and a raw bone can help a canine’s skeletal system to regenerate and adapt.  In fact, the calcium in raw bones can be up to four times more digestible than most commonly available calcium supplements.  Raw bones are especially important for large-breed puppies as these pups tend to grow quickly and need the extra calcium phosphate boost.