Tweets ( Lambs Lung)

Tweets ( Lambs Lung)


Suitable for both cats and dogs.

Elevate your pet’s snacking experience with our delectable Lamb Lung (Toasters) treats – the ultimate reward for your canine companion. These small bite sized pieces are naturally air-dried delicacies that are not only rich in flavor but also high in animal protein, making them a preferred choice for your pets with refined tastes or food allergies.

Lamb lung treats are a fantastic high-protein option, providing a feeling of fullness and satisfaction after consumption. These treats are derived from a single protein source, making them suitable for dogs with allergies to other proteins. Additionally, lamb lungs are lower in fats, making them a leaner snack choice, but still offering the right balance of nutrients.

With a nutritional profile rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, our Lamb Lung (Tweets) are a wholesome choice for rewarding your pet’s good behavior and satisfying their cravings. Treat your pet to the exceptional taste of New Zealand’s finest – because they deserve the best!

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Suitable for pets of all ages


Weight 80 g

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