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Our Preylicious dry food is based on the Prey Model Raw Diet. It caters to busy people who want no fuss but the very, very best for their pets.

"We have been serving up the most balanced, nutritious raw pet food to our cat and dog-loving customers since 2013. We know how much you love them and that feeding them the best raw diet is not always convenient. So, we decided to create a balanced raw food with no cereals, grains, or fillers that you don’t have to keep in the freezer. Its raw food made deliciously easy."
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You can use it as a food
You can use it as a topper to entice your pet to eat its other food.
You can use it in a Kong
You can use it for training

This product is based on the Prey Model Diet. This means that it contains 80% is muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% organ (5% comes from liver).

Not at all, simply weigh the right amount per body weight. 

Puppies/kittens 15g per 1Kg of body weight

Dogs/cats over 18 months 8g per 1Kg of body weight.

As your pet grows then so might its weight so regular weighing is recommended.

We have taken the Prey Model raw food model and removed the water to create a suite of recipes that are high quality but also convenient.

These recipes are formulated according to Prey Model specifications, but there is seasonal variation in nutritional values between different ingredients as they are bespoke and not mass produced.

We recommend that you feed these recipes as part of a balanced diet – that means that variation is something we recommend as it is basic principle of feeding your pet a raw diet or raw diet with the water removed.

No- but very close within 5-10% less nutritional value than a raw equivalent with water removed.

12 months if unopened- once open use within 3 weeks ensuring you seal the pack.

If you choose to rehydrate (for example as a puppy food) then use within 24 hours if you keep it chilled under 7 Celsius before warming for feeding.

It is not expensive when you know the quality of foods that has gone in to making this product. This pet food is much higher quality than 99% of pet foods out there and is so very convenient.

Our aim is to provide your pet with a quality product so that they get all the nutrition it needs and nothing else. This food is not packed with grains and unnecessary bulking agents. What you get is 100% meat, bone, and organ.

We have had a 99% hit rate with this product, so there is no reason why your fussy cat or dog would not enjoy eating it.

For puppies & kittens

15g for every Kg of body weight, per day

I.e., 5kg puppy x 15g = 75g per day

For dogs and cats over 18 months

8g for every Kg of body weight, per day

I.e., 5kg dog x 8g = 40g per day

An airtight container that is kept under 25 degrees Celsius

We strongly recommend feeding a variety of air dried/or freeze dried and/or raw products – these can be a mix of our product or a similar product from elsewhere that does not have a carbohydrate as a base ingredient.

No, you do not, however we would recommend that you feed a variety of Prey Model raw and Prey Model air dried products.

Yes, you can. Especially for puppies and older dogs.

The health benefits of salmon make it an excellent choice for the kidney diet. Salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that help decrease chronic inflammation and protect against heart disease and cancer.

Salmon contains important peptides that may provide support for joint cartilage, insulin effectiveness, and control of inflammatory digestive tract conditions. Also rich in fatty acids which have been linked to coat and skin health. Whole salmon is nutritionally superior to just frames and heads.

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Preylicious Raw Food

Stronger Immune Systems
Shinier Coats
No More Allergies

3 Convenient Sizes


Recommended and endorsed by leading animal nutritionists for both cats and dogs, more pet owners than ever before are moving their cats and dogs on to a healthy prey model diet.

★ 3 Convenient sizes
★ 10% discount with Subscriptions
★ For cats and dogs

from $65

The Healthy, High Animal Protein Diet for Cats & Dogs

Prey Model Diet

The Prey Model diet is an all raw food diet, recommended by leading animal nutritionists for both cats and dogs.

More pet owners than ever before are moving their cats and dogs on to a healthy prey model diet.

Our Prey Model Variety Meat Boxes are made up of a very precise blend of muscle meats, organs and bones, specifically compiled to provide the right ratio of nutrients and proteins to form a perfectly balanced diet for your furry friend.

The Many Health Benefits of Changing to a Prey Model Diet

There are numerous arguments over the health effects of feeding commercial pet foods.  An increasing number of pet owners claim to have noticed a significant increase in overall health after switching to a prey model diet.

Healthier guts, whiter grins and increased energy are just some of the positive changes it is possible to achieve for your pets through prey model feeding.  After a few weeks, owners report a noticeable improvement in their pet’s health. After a few months, the benefits are incredible and can include:

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