Paw-some Portraits: The Art of Capturing Flawless Pet Photos without Ghostly Eyes!

Bev Saunders
December 17, 2023

Paw-some Portraits: The Art of Capturing Flawless Pet Photos without Ghostly Eyes!

Embark on a journey to perfect pet photography! Every pet owner knows the struggle – that moment when your furry friend finally sits still for the perfect photo, only to be met with ghoulish, glowing eyes in the snapshot. Fear not, for we’ve uncovered the secrets to capturing flawless pet pictures, devoid of eerie eyeshine. From understanding the science behind it to adopting professional tricks, let’s delve into the art of pet photography.

The Science of Eyeshine:

The mysterious glow haunting your pet’s eyes is akin to the red-eye effect in human photos. In dogs, the reflective layer behind the retina, known as the tapetum lucidum, reflects light, providing enhanced night vision. However, this layer becomes the culprit behind ghostly eyes when a camera flash is involved. Different-colored tapetum in individual dogs results in varying shades of eyeshine.

Avoiding Eerie Eyeshine:

  1. Natural Light: Opt for natural light to eliminate the need for a flash. This simple switch prevents the reflective tapetum from transforming your pet’s eyes into glowing orbs.
  2. Red-Eye Prevention Setting: Some cameras feature a red-eye prevention setting. While its effectiveness for pets is debated, it’s worth a try to minimize eyeshine.
  3. Diffusing the Flash: Employ a diffuser by placing tissue or opaque plastic over the flash. This softens the light and reduces the intensity of eyeshine.

Additional Tips for Paw-some Photos:

  1. Clear the Clutter: Choose simple, colorful backgrounds to highlight your pet. A blank wall, blanket, or vibrant rugs and toys can enhance the visual appeal.
  2. Eye Level Photography: Capture your pet’s essence by getting down to their eye level. This not only fosters a playful mood but also establishes a connection, resulting in more authentic shots.
  3. Create a Doggy Collage: Showcase your pet’s unique features by taking close-ups of adorable details – paws, ears, tail, nose, or dewlaps. Compile these into a heartwarming collage or photo block.


Bid farewell to the frustration of ghostly eyeshine and embrace the joy of capturing perfect pet moments. Armed with these insights and professional tips, you’re ready to turn every snapshot into a masterpiece that truly captures the essence of your beloved companion.