Air Dried Chicken Necks

Air Dried Chicken Necks


  • Our dehydrated New Zealand chicken necks are popular with dogs and cats
  • They are a great teeth cleaner
  • Naturally dehydrated for freshness and flavour
  • Can be used for puppy training


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Dental Health

Chewing on chicken necks gives the teeth a good clean. As the bones are crushed by the teeth, they provide an abrasive action on the surface of the tooth, helping to remove plaque. This is a similar concept to that of dental chews, but chicken necks are significantly more natural, and crunchier, resulting in a better end result.

Joint Health

Chicken necks contain plenty of connective tissue and cartilage, which are full of glucosamine and chondroitin. Great for supporting healthy joint cartilage with anti-inflammatory properties.

Chicken necks are relatively healthy treats, although they have a bit more fat which is a useful energy source for active dogs. However, treats with high-fat content should be avoided if your dog is overweight or suffering from a condition this is triggered by fatty foods, such as inflammatory bowel disease or pancreatitis.

Chicken necks also contain bone, in the form of the spine. Bones are rich in calcium.

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