Beef Hooves

Beef Hooves

  • Beef hooves are a great chew for medium to large canine clients
  • They are very versatile, see below for ideas
  • These chews are sourced from New Zealand and are all naturally dehydrated with no additives
  • They provide a good workout for their jaws, and with the added benefit of cleaning their teeth
  • These chews are great for stress relief and good for the anxious dog
  • A good alternative to bones

Chew-O-Meter = Tough



Try smearing natural peanut butter on the inside of your hoof

Or pack it full of meat and freeze for a frozen treat on these hot summer days or even a long lasting meal

Beef hooves are versatile and long lasting treat for your dogs

They are great for the anxious dog or the dog that loves to chew

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