Beef Jerky Pieces

Beef Jerky Pieces


  • Bully sticks pieces are a fibrous chew and are great for cleaning your dog’s teeth
  • A  perfect air-dried treat for your dog (or puppy)
  • New Zealand sourced, all-natural medium-sized chews
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Ideal for puppies who are starting to chew, but can’t quite manage tougher treats
  • Also good for the older dog with fewer teeth
  • And they taste GREAT!

Chew O Meter = Light Chew (tougher for small dogs)

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  • These dog chews are made from 100% natural NZ beef.
  • They are naturally dehydrated for freshness and flavour.
  • These chews assist with dental health as chewing on them rubs against the teeth, removing plaque build-up.

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