Finger Clicker Trainer

Finger Clicker Trainer


Trick and treat – It’s learning time!

The Trixie Clicker Finger is amazing to teach some tricks to your pet, be it your dog, cat, rabbit, or bird.

The clicker button guarantees a consistent sound and, after practicing for a bit, it allows your pet to understand that something is coming their way – is it a treat, a cuddle, or extra playtime?

This Trixie finger clicker for dog training is always at hand, thanks to its finger attachment, and its small size allows you to carry it wherever you like. It offers effective training due to its special sound signal that will make your pet follow all your commands.

Since you’ll be the teacher, your comfort is also a priority. The Trixie dog training clicker finger has a rotatable loop that allows for individual handling. Additionally, the Trixie Clicker Finger Dog Training includes a booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training of your best friend.

Clicker measures 3.5 x 6cm, 1.25 x 2.25 inches.

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The value of the clicker is that it tells your dog exactly which behavior you’re rewarding. By clicking at the right time, you can “mark” the moment your dog did what you wanted. So rather than having to guess what you liked, the click tells your dog precisely what they did correctly.