Venison and Cheese Bites

Venison and Cheese Bites

Introducing a delightful and natural treat that will fuel your furry friend’s fun adventures – a carefully crafted blend of New Zealand Cheese and free-range, grass-fed New Zealand Lamb.

These treats are more than just a tasty indulgence; they are a wholesome choice for your canine companion. Packed with essential nutrients, lamb treats are a great source of iron and high-quality protein, ensuring your dog stays healthy and energetic during all their activities. The addition of lamb lung, rich in protein and low in fat, further enhances the nutritional value of these treats.

What sets these treats apart is the inclusion of New Zealand Cheese, which is not only low in lactose but also highly palatable, making it suitable for all dogs, even those with sensitive tummies. These air-dried venison dog treats are ideal for adult dogs of all sizes, whether you have a playful little pup or a wise old companion.

These treats serve various purposes, making them a must-have for every dog owner. They are perfect for training sessions, offering a tasty incentive to encourage good behavior and learning. Additionally, they add a delightful variety to your dog’s diet – simply sprinkle them as a topper to their regular meals and watch them enjoy every bite.

When you choose these natural, healthy treats, you’re not just providing your dog with a delicious snack; you’re giving them the fuel they need for all their exciting adventures. Treat your furry friend to the goodness of New Zealand Lamb and Cheese – because they deserve nothing but the best.

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Ingredients: Venison (Meat, Green Tripe, Liver, Spleen), Cheese, Flaxseed Fibre, Cane Molasses, Sea Salt, Kelp, Natural Citric Acid, Natural Acetic Acid, Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract


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