Air Fetch Football

Air Fetch Football

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Fetch Hard, Breathe Easy™ with the Chuckit!® Air™ Fetch Football Dog Toy.

Designed to make playtime last longer, Chuckit!’s line of Air™ Dog Toys feature a hollow, web-like design that facilitates healthy air flow into your dog’s lungs during playtime, improving your dog’s stamina and reducing downtime after intense games of fetch.

Available in one size, the Air Fetch Football is made from durable rubber that is gentle on your dog’s mouth and features a bright orange color that makes it easy to find in grass, mud, snow, or water!

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14cm L x 7.6cm W

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• Interactive fetch toy that is safe and fun
• Allows for easier breathing for your dog during play
• Designed to keep your dog healthy and active
• Durable design for hours of fun