Bacon Banana Waffle Biscuits (Large)

Bacon Banana Waffle Biscuits (Large)


Introducing our delectable dog biscuit: the perfect reward for your furry friend’s awesome efforts! Packed with irresistible flavor, our biscuits are crafted with only the finest ingredients to ensure your pup gets the tastiest treat possible.

Made with love and care, each biscuit is bursting with real bacon and ripe banana, delivering a mouthwatering combination that will have tails wagging in excitement. Our recipe starts with wholemeal flour, premium oats, and wholesome canola oil, providing a hearty base for your canine companion. To enhance the flavor profile, we’ve added molasses for a touch of sweetness and natural chicken flavor for an extra savory kick.

Concerned about your pup’s health and well-being? Rest assured, our biscuits contain natural preservatives, including vitamins C and E, to keep them fresh and delicious for longer. Plus, with no artificial additives or fillers, you can feel confident knowing you’re treating your furry friend to only the best.

Whether you’re rewarding them for mastering a new trick or simply showing them some extra love, our bacon and banana dog biscuits are sure to be a hit with your four-legged family member. So why wait? Treat your pup to a taste sensation they’ll adore today!

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Ingredients: Wholemeal flour, what brand, oats, canola oil, molasses, real bacon, banana, natural chicken flavour, natural preservative vitamin C & E