Catnip Spray | 50ml

Catnip Spray | 50ml


Catnip Spray for cats.

What is Catnip? The famous plant that cats just can’t seem to get enough of!  Keep in mind that not all cats are affected by catnip, but about 70 to 90 percent of cats do get excited and happy when you give them catnip. Catnip spray is one way you can conveniently give catnip to your cat without making a mess by spreading little leaves everywhere. Try using it to get your cat interested in certain items or to make them feel relaxed and reduce anxiety. Keep in mind that catnip spray is generally more concentrated than dried catnip leaves, so use it only one or two sprays at a time.

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Use catnip spray for training and fun. Catnip spray can be a helpful tool for teaching your cat to use things like scratching posts, beds, carriers, and toys. Spraying something you want your cat to start using will get it interested in the item.


  • For example, if you want to play with your cat with a new toy but they don’t seem interested in it, you can spray it with catnip to get your cat’s attention. They will associate the item with fun and good feelings after that, so they’ll know it’s playtime when they see the toy!


Give your cat catnip once every 2 weeks or so. Catnip will produce the best results if you don’t give it to your cat too often. Use catnip spray every 2 weeks so your cat doesn’t become too accustomed to it. However, all cats are different, so find the frequency that works best for you and your cat.


  • The more cats are exposed to catnip, the less interested they tend to be. Limiting their exposure to once every 2 weeks will ensure they are responsive when you want to use the catnip spray again.