Giggle Kick Fetch Ball | 14cm

Giggle Kick Fetch Ball | 14cm


Giggle, Kick, or Fetch with the Chuckit!® Giggle Kick Fetch Dog Toy!

Made with the same durable foam core, polyester fabric, and rubber bite zones for ez-pick up as the Best-Selling Kick Fetch®, the Giggle Kick Fetch takes fetch up a notch by activating your dog’s natural curiosity for sound with its 2 gigglers.

As you kick or throw the Giggle Kick Fetch, the 2 gigglers inside the ball “giggle” keeping your dog engaged in fetch. Keep fetch interesting with the Chuckit! Giggle, Kick Fetch.


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• Patented bite zones for ez-pick up
• Durable foam core with reinforced fabric
• 2 giggle tubes, double protected for safety
• 14cm diameter

PRODUCT NOTE: Supervise playtime and know your dog and choose the appropriate size and type of toy to prevent choking or other harm. Inspect this toy regularly; if the toy is damaged or if parts become separated, remove the toy and parts as injury may result. No dog toy is indestructible, and every dog interacts with its toys differently. Supervised play will go a long way to helping your dog’s toys last longer.