Launcher | Sport 14 | Small

Launcher | Sport 14 | Small


Suitable for small dogs, Light and compact, this launcher is a go to for the smaller dogs who just love to run.

Comes with a ChuckIt! small tennis ball. Suitable for all ChuckIt! balls

Chuckit toys signal to your dog that major playtime is to come. Built on innovation and ergonomic design, Chuckit! has revolutionised the classic game of fetch. Throw further, faster and never bend down to pick up a slimy ball again with the Chuckit Pocket Launcher. This durable plastic launcher firmly grasps a ball then releases it as you swing, and easily picks up balls that are tossed into mud or water during games of fetch.



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The Chuckit! Launcher | Sport 14 | Small revamps the classic game of fetch by enhancing your throwing speed and distance with less effort. Dogs are challenged to run farther and faster for exercise in a fraction of the time.

Features & Benefits

  • High-performance ergonomic grip handle.
  • No-slobber, hands-free pickup.
  • High quality.
  • Small and easy to take out on the go.
  • Fits Chuckit Small-sized balls.